5 William Pickering Drive, Rosedale, Auckland +64 9 393 8086
Our Vision
Our childcare property fund-New Zealand Real Estate Investment Trust (the "Fund" or "NZREIT") was established in 2016.
Managed by Uwin Capital Limited ("Uwin Capital"), the Fund was established to enable the founders and likeminded investors to pool their funds and invest side by side in Childcare properties with suitable returns.
NZREIT currently offers two sub-divisions, Unit Class A and Unit Class B.
Unit Class A holds a portfolio of fully developed and leased childcare properties to meet the needs of investors who wish to receive regular dividends from net rental income while enjoying the prospect of capital gains reflected in the unit price.
Unit Class B is for those investors who are interested in participating in the development margin from building childcare properties.
Our aim is simple – to grow a portfolio of childcare properties that have a diversified group of premium tenants and with growth potential. We will focus initially on Auckland, then other strong growth regions throughout New Zealand where there is growing demand for our modern and purpose-built childcare properties.
What we are going to do
NZREIT is an open-ended fund. As such, our intention is to continue to add to our portfolio of childcare properties.

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Uwin Capital manages a number of Limited Partnership investments.

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Uwin Capital manages a number of
developed projects.

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